The Innovator’s Mindset: Turning Absolutely Anything in the World into Value

ls Check out the video.   I always write about the need for systems-wide innovation, contrasting it to the small scale, product innovation that dooms organizations to eventual death by incremental improvement. Don’t just play on the margins, creating new variations of existing products or squeezing new concepts into existing product lines. Instead of selling more books online, for example, what about creating the largest market place in the world and redefining customers’ retail experience the way Amazon did? And it is not just creating new business models. It is about the ability to constantly convert one form of value into another; to look at the world through a lens that uncovers the extraordinary under the dull cover of the ordinary. But even Bezos might not have thought of turning a disaster into an advertising campaign that showcased the competitive worth of his product. Apparently this is what Frijoles & Frescas Grilled Tacos, a Las Vegas restaurant,  did when they were robbed by two burglars. Sure, they were upset by the robbery. And sure they were eager for the burglars to be caught. But when they looked at the security tape, they saw a tremendous opportunity–an opportunity to demonstrate the incomparable value of their food, connect with customers on a personal, humorous level and, incidentally, harness over 2 million viewers to the pursuit of the criminals.