Customer value, Customer/member centricity, Innovation, New Tools, Organizational Culture

CEO Workshop on December 15, 2016: Tools for Leading Innovation from the Outside-In

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Join a small, energetic group of innovators



You know why so many efforts at breaking out from business as usual and adopting new models fail? Because building a modern,
customer-centric organizations is not like planning a strategy or designing a product. It involves executing a shift to a fundamentally different way of
thinking, behaving, prioritizing, measuring success and performance and doing business —from the way you solve problems to processes for product development
and customer engagement.  


This is why in this new workshop,  we are experimenting with a hands-on approach, coupled with discussion and case analysis.


You will work with a small group of innovative CEOs to uncover a new basis for connecting with members and stakeholders around what most matters to them; and explore how to align all aspects of your business with it.


You will also participate in hands-on simulations and exercises in which you will make use of new, customer-and market-responsive tools, methods and practices for leading organizational change and organizing around our organization with your members or customers to increase value, innovation and engagement.


There two spaces left. Contact me to register or get more information for this or other future workshops at; or click here for a description.