Customer/member centricity

Are your organization’s culture and staff aligned with members and other customers?

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Join us in a new pilot program

Do your staff and other stakeholders have the competencies needed to drive growth and resonate with customers in a customer-centered environment?  Can they think from the outside-in, “read” customers’ unarticulated needs, decipher emerging opportunities, think strategically and innovate beyond the obvious?  Cultural and competency gaps were the major concerns of CEOs in a recent workshops and in interviews in the last two years.

 Our solution draws on our research and Anna’s book The Demand Perspective: Leading from the Outside-In and Design Thinking methodology to combines both actionable information and field-work based training:

Interested CEOs who are experiencing such challenges are invited to help develop these concepts through feedback and/or participation in testing.

The program includes:  


A relationship scan

  • Assess internal and external relationships along our proprietary relationship continuum on the basis of perceived  value and degree of engagement
  • Place your organization along a demand/responsiveness index –from nice to have to indispensable—to assess gaps  and map ideal positioning.

Outside-In Boot Camp: field research and development expeditions  

  • Enable a cross-functional team to develop customer empathy, create products and services that resonate with members/customers and define shared purpose. The underlying philosophy is simple: put participants through a “boot camp” experience in which they operate within a different framework, driven by the customer’s perspective; and employ dramatically different tools and paths to solutions. Then help them assess results and figure out how to duplicate, scale and sustain the successes they achieved, beyond this project. Finally, help them leverage these tools and experiences to set in motion a larger, organization-wide reorientation from products to people and from the inside out to the outside-in.  

More details will be posted shortly