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About Us 

We help you get to the heart of your customers so that you can create meaningful connections with them; and craft products, services and experiences that resonate with what most matters to them.

In my decades of work with knowledge service organizations--from the Smithsonian to businesses, associations and universities --one common thread struck me: a “disconnect” between these organizations’ assumptions about their customers, and  the customers’ own perceptions, perspectives and experiences of what mattered to them. The result was that, though most organizations survived, they struggled. They experienced, for example, low retention, flat growth or decline,  decreases in relevance, customer engagement,  innovation and interest from from the younger generations--all of which made them  vulnerable to new competitors. 

In my book, the Demand Perspective: Leading from the Inside Out to the Outside-In, I show that organizations that thrive today have made bigger changes than improvements in marketing, strategies, program or products. They have re-oriented their cultures, strategies and operations from their products to their customers. This requires a much deeper level of understanding of customers, and fundamental shift from the “inside-out” to the “outside-in.”

To help organizations deepen their understanding of, and connection with customers,  I have drawn from my expertise in anthropological, ethnographic research to develop  practical approaches for uncovering people's innermost motivations, unarticulated needs and unexpected opportunities, and getting to what most mattered to them and how.   But that is not enough. Organizations have to develop their own capabilities for understanding and connecting with customers, and converting understanding into concrete, practical solutions for these customers.

To this end, I utilize Design Thinking methodologies to create hands-on, collaborative workshops in which teams learn and practice new approaches for getting to results and, in the process, engage customers and stakeholders. 

Let's start with a conversation and explore which tools and combinations of approaches would best address the kind of challenge you want to tackle.