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How we Do Things


To get to different results, you have to change the way you get there.

We do things differently. We focus on the real drivers of your organization’s success or failure: people, culture, capabilities and the underlying organizational focus and orientation that determines all else.


 We start and end with your relationships—helping you achieve alignment with your various stakeholders and markets, leverage their value in new ways; convert transactions into strategic partnerships and build member communities.


We partner with staff and stakeholder teams and help develop outside-in (customer-centric) cultures and capabilities 






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Massive Dynamic has over 10 years of experience in Design. We take pride in delivering Intelligent Designs and Engaging Experiences for clients all over the World.

Human-Centered Approaches

  1. Focus on people and culture
  2. Getting to the heart of what truly matters to various stakeholders through ethnographic research methodologies and Design Thinking tools.
  3.  Deepening authentic connection to, and levels of engagement with, members/customers, rather than merely increasing short-term sales.
  4. Replacing silos with cross-functional teams.  
  5.  Converting member/customer/partner relationships from tactical to strategic.

Market-Driven Tools & Processes
  1.  In place of conventional, internal strategic planning, learn by doing and co-developing with members/customers/stakeholders
  2. Use human-centered processes, such as Design Thinking, to  transform the way an organization approaches problems, designs products and takes concepts to market so that it resonates with its members/customers/stakeholders.
  3. Rapidly move from concept to execution and constantly adapt to emerging market needs through  Design Thinking and inexpensive ways to test new ideas through small-scale prototypes.
  4. Bring to the table new models of growth, based on leveraging, recalibrating and reconfiguring human and intellectual growth, rather than simply adding; and building partnership networks.