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What do We Really Know about Our Members or Customers?

It always comes as an unpleasant surprise when members or customers do not buy what they assured us they wanted in surveys or answer to questionnaires.
This because conventional research focuses on narrow product needs, failing to capture the key contributors to engagement such as, values, motivations, goals, relationships, experiences and the dynamics of daily context.  And conventional research is static—capturing a moment in time from 10,000 feet rather than life lived moment to moment.  

How to Become Indispensable to What Truly Matters to Others


Our goal is to uncover where and how you can connect most powerfully with members/stakeholders by making a difference to what most matters to them.  

To drill down beyond what they say to how they think and behave in real contexts, we use a mix of ethnographic research methods and Design Thinking tools, including:participant observation, informal interviews, conversations, brainstorming and collaborative design and testing, 
What’s more we introduce members of your team to ethnographic approaches and include them in aspects of the research and discovery process.