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The premise of the program is that to engage with and resonate with customers, members and other stakeholders, you have to invest in in-depth, empathetic understanding of these customers at the front end,  and replace product-driven planning and product development processes with human-centered design, co-development and entrepreneurial approaches to market opportunities.


The modules below can be combined, condensed,  expanded or adapted in other ways to meet specific objectives and suit different situations.  

I. The Crash Course

DESIGN THINKING WORKSHOP: Concepts,  Design Thinking Tools and the Outside-In/Inside-Out frameworks; learn about & practice ethnographic research techniques, which you will apply in real life interviews.  


II. Fieldwork

 At the heart of this program is a fieldwork experience in which you will put to practice the ethnographic interview techniques you acquired at the initial workshop with a small handful of members. 
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III. Concept & Prototype Development

In place of conventional planning and product/business development, you engage in guided and facilitated Design Thinking experience of rapid, collaborative idea generation. In it you are helped to make sense of, and organizes fieldwork findings; extract key insights, agree on a set of criteria for selecting the right solution to develop; build a shared mental map and, with the help of member feedback, construct a prototype solution be tested and further developed .  

IV. Broader Engagement & Buy-In: The “Shark Tank”

The idea is to engage a broader cross section of an organization–for example, decision-makers on various levels, employees at various stages of a product life cycle, etc. — in the design so that stakeholder experiences and perspectives can be incorporated and buy-in can be achieved. The process will also identify and develop internal (and external if desired) champions for the product or change.  


For example, at the end of the last workshop, your team presents the prototype to a “shark tank” group of “investors,” (such as potential customers. the CEO, board members, etc.) and incorporates their feedback. Together with the CEO (and, if applicable, other “investors”), you will refine the final product and extrapolate lessons learned that could be applied to the organization–e.g. its culture,  the way it does business and generates value. You will leave with a concrete action plan for testing the prototype in the market and integrating successful lessons learned in the organization, starting the next day.