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Questions & Answers

How long is the program?
The program is flexible and highly customizable. It can be designed to last 3-4 intensive days or could be spread over 3-4 weeks.


What is the cost?
It depends on the number of people participating, the length of the program and the complexity of the issues. The good new is that we are offering this pilot program at a significant discount to a small number of innovative associations and other knowledge service organizations that will help us test new tools/concepts and give us feedbcack. Fees may range from $1500 to $6,000.

What is the idea of a pilot program

A pilot program contains exciting concepts and hypotheses that may not yet have been tested in a specific context and will greatly benefit from feeddback. It is a time of flexibility and innovation when the client becomes a partner in design possibilities and the quest for more and better results.


Will it interfere with staff work?

For any concept to succeed, let alone an immersion experience meant to fuel change, there has to be organization-wide commitment and buy-in.


Accelerators, however, should not be seen as simply extra work on an already full plate but a accelerated laboratory for what you are already doing or want to do, such as: clarifying and solving a complex problem, designing a new concept for an effective service, benefit, or solution; launching an innovative pilot for increasing retention etc.


What are some expamples of options?

— We can customize a project for just your organization and help you assemble the right cross-functional team to participate

— Or you join a small cohort of organizations that can learn from and with each other