Increase Your Team's Capabilities for Customer Empathy, Insight & Engagement  

We help you develop new capabilities for empathy, customer and market insight in your organization so that your team can engage and build meaningful relationships with customers and stakeholders, and create  products, experiences and solutions that matter to each customer group, thus increasing sales and loyalty. 


Are your culture, strategy and operation aligned with the way your customers and stakeholders think and perceive the world? Is your staff attuned to those you serve, able to build relationships, discern hidden needs and opportunities? We apply Design Thinking to help you develop customer-oriented cultures, teams and capabilities that will allow you to deliver products, services and experiences that these customers truly want.


We engage your team in an ethnographic discovery process, to help them understand customers as full human beings, rather than as small dots from 30,000 feet in the air, and thus develop empathy--the capacity to put oneself in another’s place, feel what they feel and see the world through their eyes.  By experiencing people in their daily contexts and relationships to others, they will be also able to gain clarity on how precisely customers use products or information and why, and thus to create concrete and measurable value for them.


Your team brings interview findings and insights  to a collaborative Design Thinking Workshop  and  follows a structured process for identifying patterns, extracting themes and fresh insights, and discerning implications.  Next, they will develop shared criteria and define agreed upon priorities for the customer problems (needs or opportunities) they will select to solve.  They emerge with clear and actionable problem statements that will lay the ground for innovation and new product/service development.  


New or Increased Capabilities for:

  • Collaborative, team-based work
  • Customer empathy, engagement & meaningful relationship-building
  • Drilling beneath the surface to extract what most matters to customers, when and how 
  • Discerning hidden needs and opportunities that are not yet articulated or clear to others
  • Applying constantly fresh perspectives, from the customer's lens, to assess existing and potential products; identify gaps and determine priorities
  • Customer-driven innovation