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It's time to go beyond the "usual" and drill below the surface

The “usual” is not good enough for nailing down exactly what your customers truly need, and becoming indispensable to something that truly matters to them. Conventional market research yields generic preferences without their context— how a person uses a product or information in the dynamics of daily context, relationships and over time; why and to what end.  Most importantly, it fails to capture the often-hidden motivations, goals, emotions and experiences that shape needs and drive decisions.

Our Ethnographic Research Approach

We apply ethnographic research to understand people on their own terms and get to the root of what matters to them. Techniques include in-depth interviews, participant observation, co-development and project-specific engagement.

Our ethnographic approach will get you the information and develop the empathy you need to create customer value that is meaningful, tailored to individual needs and generates concrete and measurable results.

By understanding in depth how a small sample of a larger group thinks, feels, behaves, experiences problems, defines value and success, we can discern patterns, themes and insights that can be applied to the whole.