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Do your employees and stakeholders have the capabilities to help you fuel growth and become indispensable to members’ success? Are they “on the same page” with your customers/members and markets?   Do they:
  • Resonate with the way these customers think and the destination they want to get to? 
  • See the world through their perspective?
  • Drill down to uncover the deep-seated, unarticulated needs that most matter?
  • Go beyond just “listening” to achieve customer empathy and build deep and long-term connections?  
  • Decipher and leverage emerging opportunities? 
  • Think strategically and Innovate beyond the obvious?
  • Quickly convert ideas into action?


 If not, you have the kind of gaps that keep many organizations stuck in place, in a “growth gridlock.”  


Get Started with a Different Approach to Growth: THE MEMBER CONNECTION ACCELERATORS

Jump start culture change and staff/people development in a start-up accelerator environment, where they learn from the results of solving real member problems.

  • Members of your Senior Team
  • Senior leaders throughout your association
  • A cross section of your staff on all levels, ensuring that there is cohesion and shared purpose throughout your organization
  • A cross section of stakeholders–staff, board members and end-users of products and services so that collaborative problem-solving and distributed leadership can replace outdated silos
  • Any group of key stakeholders in your vision or a specific challenge or initiative.