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What you Will Do

Use people-centric, outside-in diagnostics to dissect your challenges and assess your culture through a new lens, and chart your organization’s current vs. ideal positioning

Learn about inside-out vs. outside-in frameworks and how these translate into management, culture and decision-making

 Pair up with a peer and/or break into subgroups 

Apply outside-in framework and Design Thinking tools in hands-on exercises

Analyze cases of breakthrough innovation and customer centricity

Identify two or more shared challenges to solve and break into groups whose interests correspond to one of these challenges

Determine what worked in the process and how to leverage these new tools and duplicate successes achieved in your organization

What You'll Come Away With

New approaches, frameworks and specific tools for:


Launching a transformation of the way your organization thinks, innovates, solves problems, develops new products and creates value that resonate with what most matters to its members/customers.
Getting your staff and board on the same page and attuned to market/customer needs. 
Creating cross-functional, collaborative, teams to change the way your organization works and delivers value and re-energize its stakeholders
Introducing highly effective, new methods (e.g. ethnographic research) for getting to what truly matters to customers/members and stakeholders; identifying and meeting unmet and unarticulated needs; uncovering emerging market opportunities; and unleashing innovation. 
Rejuvenating relationships with members and stakeholders, and resonating with their needs, by building competencies and cultures of “customer empathy” — the ability to “feel” another’s pain and put yourself in their place.



Information & Fees

$690 per participant (including continental breakfast and lunch)

Post workshop coaching available to help you execute an outside-in re-orientation in your organization.


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