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Services Overview:
Focused on People & Culture

We believe that to lead and thrive in today’s environment, organizations must be adaptable, innovative and human-centered. This requires the ability to understand customers and resonate with them at all points of experience and life stage. 


This is why we begin with people and relationships–your members, customers, internal and external stakeholders–rather than strategic plans or products.


We offer a range of flexible custom services, tools and workshops to help you build the capabilities that will enable you to engage, retain and become indispensable to your members/customers/stakeholders, and incorporate them into everyday practice and culture.  




Why Work with Us?

Our custom projects and support will help you:


Go beyond generic “leadership skills” to build new personal and organizational capabilities for leading customer responsive, human-centered organizations.


Develop your team into agile “relationship-builders,” capable of engaging and building sustainable relationships with all stakeholders.


Create the products and solutions that members and stakeholders truly want, rather than say they want.


Master new tools and ethnographic approaches for drilling down to what truly matters to your various stakeholders.   


Transform stale approaches to problem-solving, idea generation and product design through tools like Design Thinking, to unleash innovation and expand growth opportunities.  


Usher major cultural shifts painlessly and organically by first changing small, daily practices. Our laboratory-like projects apply new concepts and modes of thinking to solve real problems on a small scale.   

Move away from silos and establish collaborative cultures through projects that model collaborative problem-solving and product design. 


Increase engagement and retention through new tools and models for collaborative problem-solving, product design and test launching with members and other stakeholders.