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What is a Connection Accelerator?

A structured process of outside-in immersion and collaborative problem-solving that applies an Outside-In framework and Design Thinking tools to help your team build new capabilities for growth– capabilities for truly connecting with and resonating with your members/customers and markets.

What Makes this Approach Effective and Different?

It borrows elements from start-up accelerator environments. This means that it will enable your team to learn from the results of solving real member problems and condenses a much longer process into a few weeks or days. 


You and your team will learn about and apply two key Design Thinking tools that are major difference-makes. This is because they transform the way an organization approaches problems, views customers, creates value and develops products  by putting people at the center. 


Empathy: developing the capacity to put oneself in another’s place; acquiring new tools and competencies for drilling down beneath the surface to uncover the underlying motivations and unarticulated needs that most count; identifying and re-framing the real problem that should be solved. 

Ideatinand Prototyping::  practicing outside-in approaches in place of conventional planning and product/business development; a structured, disciplined process of rapid, collaborative idea generation that builds a shared mental map, and constructs a prototype solution that solves a specific member problem.  
How Long Does it Last and How Can I Participate?
The program is flexible and highly customizable. It can be designed to last 3-4 intensive days or be spread over 3-4 weeks.
 We can customize a project for just your organization and help you assemble the right cross-functional team to participate
 Or you join a small cohort of organizations that can learn from and with each other


Results you Can Expect

  1. Jump starting culture change and people development through a hands-on approach

  2. Staff collaboration across functions and alignment with shared organizational goals

  3. New Design Thinking tools and collaborative processes for idea generation, problem-solving, product development etc.

  4. Ethnographic research methodology for drilling down to what truly matters to stakeholders and shifting from passive listening to empathy.

  5. Tranferrable experiences of how to connect with and engage members/customers

  6. New models and processes for taking ideas to markets quickly and inexpensively through small-scale tests and prototypes.

  7. A concrete prototype of a solution to a member problem and an action plan that can go into effect the next day


Check out a sample agenda and process