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The Value and Engagement Continuum: Path to Retention and Growth

Not all members have equal value for an organization. This tool allows you to assess your members’ value and level of engagement on the basis of the value they perceive to derive from your organization, rather than the tactical, quantitative metrics of mere participation.

We have determined 4 Levels of Value and Engagement .
  1. Nominal members are at the lowest end of the continuum. They may be members because their employer pays for their membership, but they use many of the association’s benefits. 
  2. Interested members may attend events out of interest but don’t really have much practical use for what they learn in them. Hence, they are less likely to remain members than those in the next level. 
  3. Active members participate in more events that fulfill an actual need for an individual or organization, for example, to meet a company’s training needs, obtain certification, or upgrade skills. However, the relationship is limited to a product or defined course of action. Members still buy on a commodity level and could buy comparable products from another provider. Hence, they are less sustainable than the solution seekers at the next level. 
  4. Solution seekers are buying into a larger package of programs, services, unique experiences, emotional connections, value-added elements, or any combination of components that, together, comprise a unique solution. Buying a pair of shoes from Zappos is not a matter of buying shoes online, for example, but a matter of buying speedy delivery, exceptional customer service, and no-hassle returns. It translates into the ability to order at the last minute and even have a little more free time with your family. 

Strategic solution seekers buy larger-scope and more strategic solutions of great significance to their companies’ success. These solutions likely include strategic advice and higher degrees of customization. The more strategic and unique a solution, the higher the value it delivers and, hence, the higher the chances of retention.

Strategic customer partners go beyond purchasing products and solutions and actively contribute to your growth by partnering and co-developing, engaging members and external allies, and advocating or influencing on your behalf.

Find out where different categories of members are along this continuum and, most importantly, what it will take for customers to move from one level of engagement to the next one

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